About Munich Aeroacoustics

Munich Aeroacoustics is an SME which is established in March 2018, where the legal registration has been initiated. The company reached full operation begin of 2019.

The roots of Munich Aeroacoustics are coming from the Aeroacoustics Research Team, which was embedded within the central research entitiy of Airbus Group, Airbus Group Innovations (AGI).
Munich Aeroacoustics was founded by Dr. Michael Bauer, who has been Head of Department "Aeromechanics & Acoustics" of AGI. Significant contributions and coordination activities in EC funded projects like OPENAIR, JERONIMO, COSMA, are just a snapshot of the team's success stories in the community of aeroacoustics research, where we are deeply linked inside the European research network.

Munich Aeroacoustics provides a wide experience from over 20 years of activities in the area of aircraft noise and will be further providing services on the following topics:

  • Aircraft engine noise, including liner technology.
  • Airframe noise.
  • Experimental and numerical investigations.
  • Tool development for dedicated applications, e.g. community noise.
  • Predictions for novel a/c concepts.
  • Project management and coordination.

Munich Aeroacoustics is located in Kirchheim, near to Munich.